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Denver is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. It regularly makes national lists of top dog-friendly cities and for good reason! The list of parks, events, and restaurants that welcome dogs is too long to cover here, but let’s just say that just about everyone in Denver is as happy to see your dog as you are.

As more dog owners migrate to Denver, the city is finding more ways to welcome them, including adding dog parks all over the city. So far, Denver has eleven dog parks, but every year it seems that a new one is opening. 

Before you rush off for some doggie play time, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • Unlighted dog parks are open from sunrise to sundown, seven days a week
  • Lighted dog parks are open from 5am-11pm, seven days a week
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered, or have a current Denver Intact Permit (Denver residents)
  • Dogs must have current rabies and Denver dog license
  • Off-leash areas require continual upkeep which is a shared responsibility with dog park users

If you fall in love with any of the parks on this list, you may want to look into the Adopt-A-Dog Park program so you can help keep the park clean and welcoming to humans and dogs alike.

Stapleton Off-Leash Dog Park

A large off-leash park with trails and plenty of parking as well as walking access, Stapleton Park is a great place to bring your dog. The park, like most in Denver, has a dirt ground and not many trees. Bring your own shade and always bring a towel to clean off your dog because they will get dirty.

The park provides lots of tennis balls for play. Bags are not always provided, but there are usually other dog owners with extra bags if you forget. There are bowls left for everyone’s use and a water fountain to fill them with (though the water pressure is usually pretty weak). 

There is no separate area for smaller or low energy dogs, so if your dog is on the smaller side, you’ll have to pay close attention to them as they play with the other dogs. 

Railyard Dog Park

Railyard Dog Park is an open-dirt dog park for those that live in the city. The park has two sections — one for smaller, low-energy dogs, and one for larger, high-energy dogs. Street parking is sometimes limited and comes with ticketing risks, so pay close attention to all the signs.

Bags are usually provided by the park, but always bring your own in case they run out. The water is turned off in the winter, so plan accordingly. There are train tracks next to the park, so occasionally a loud train will pass. If you have a sensitive dog, the train may startle them.

Lowry Dog Park

Lowry Park is a rare dog park with some grass, but the park is mostly covered in loose pebbles. Like most Denver dog parks, there isn’t much shade, but at this park, there are beautiful views of the mountains.

There are two sections to the park for different energy levels and sizes as well as a third section for dog agility. The park provides water and toys and isn’t usually as crowded as other dog parks.

The parking lot is a located away from the park, so bring a leash for the walk. There are also other walking paths next to the park so you can take your pup for walkies before or after playtime.  

Fuller Dog Park

Fuller Dog Park is a small dog park in a great downtown location. There are two areas for dogs of different sizes and energy levels. There is no running water to fill water bowls, so plan accordingly. There are usually rakes, scoopers and dog bags stocked at the park as well as old water jugs and tennis balls for the visiting dogs.

Kennedy Dog Park

Kennedy Dog Park is a completely fenced in large dog park with two areas to separate smaller, slower dogs from larger, more energetic dogs. The park does not provide bags and water, though visitors usually keep the park stocked with both. Bring your own just in case!

Little Boxcar Dog Park

Little Boxcar Dog Park is a small park with no frills. As one of the few dog parks in this downtown area, it’s wonderful to have in the area, but it’s not a park that’s large enough to go out of your way to visit. It’s more of a neighborhood dog park for those who live nearby.

Berkeley Dog Park

Berkeley Dog Park is a fenced-in, gravel-surfaced park with very little shade, but plenty of benches. The gravel absorbs the rain pretty well, so the park isn’t too muddy the day after it rains. The park volunteers fill the 15 one-gallon water jugs every morning, so there is usually water available, as well as plenty of bags. 

There are two areas for dogs. The large area has room for a lot of large, energetic dogs, while the smaller area is a bit smaller, but since it’s for smaller dogs, it does the job.

The parking lot can be hectic, but there is usually parking spaces available. The journey from the parking lot to the park is on the longer side, so bring a leash.     

Belleview Station Dog Park

Belleview Dog Park is a great local dog park. Surfaced with wood chips, the park has two areas for energetic and slower dogs. The local dog owners are patient and friendly, so it’s a great place to bring dogs of any energy level. 

The park doesn’t have on-site water, but there might be a puppy fountain installed in soon. Until then, bring your own water.  

Barnum Park

Barnum Park recently built a dog park on its premises. The three-quarters of an acre park has two enclosed dog areas, for larger and smaller dogs. The rest of park is also a great place to walk your dog including lakeside paths (with birds!) and beautiful Denver skyline views.

Green Valley Ranch East Park

The Green Valley Ranch East Park is a dog park with a dirt surface and a large, fenced dog area for big dogs and a smaller, fenced in area for smaller dogs. There is also a covered sitting area for owners to enjoy as their dogs are playing. 

The park provides bags to clean up after your dog and has a water fountain. However, in the winter months the fountain is turned off, so bring your own water to make sure you have some available.

GreenWay Park

GreenWay Park is fully-fenced dog park with multiple entrances. It’s a bit of a hike to get to the park from the parking lot, so bring a leash for the walk. The park is surfaced in rocks and only has one section for all the dogs, so if you have a smaller, more timid dog, you’ll want to visit during quiet hours.

The park does not provide water, but there are some water bowls to fill with your own water.

With so many parks across the city, you and your furry friend are sure to find the perfect hangout with all the coolest dogs. When you do, check back in and let us know which one it was!

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