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If you’re planning to travel in 2018, then you need to check out these twelve travel accessories that will add convenience and comfort to any trip you take. 

Portable Charger

Never again have to search for a plug to charge your phone when you’re traveling. This Anker portable power bank is one of the smallest, lightest power banks on the market and can charge your phone multiple times on one charge.

Travel Adapter with USB Ports

This all-in-one Ceptics travel adapter converts to U.S., Europe, Asia, China, Australia, New Zealand, and UK power supplies. In addition to having an outlet to connect any pronged plugs, it also has two USB ports to recharge your mobile devices.

Wireless Travel Router

Use this HooToo wireless travel router to create a wifi connection out of a hotel ethernet connection, or create a bridge to connect all your devices to the single device wifi login that the hotel provides. This travel router even comes with extra storage that acts like a portable, mini cloud storage. A must-have for the connected traveler.

Personal Mini Humidifier

This USB or battery operated travel humidifier by Fancii uses a standard water bottle as a water tank. Compact and lightweight, it’s the perfect size to bring with you on your travels and add the comforts of home to hotel rooms everywhere. 

RFID Passport Wallet Case

If you want a passport wallet that’s more stylish than your typical neck pouch, Arpadi has created an attractive vegan leather clutch case that can hold all your travel documents and has room left for your phone. For a unisex option, Travel Navigator’s popular classic leather passport holder is highly recommended by users everywhere.

Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket

No one will ever expect that your infinity scarf is more than meets the eye. Carry keys, credit cards, and other essential items in the hidden pocket in your stylish Pop Fashion scarf with no one the wiser.

Compression Packing Cubes

Once you start using packing cubes, you’ll wonder what took you so long. Whether you pack entire outfits together or separate clothing by type, packing cubes will keep your luggage organized, and these LeanTravel packing cubes use compression to give you even more space for whatever you need to bring. 

Digital Luggage Scale

With airlines charging an arm and a leg for overweight luggage, the new must-have accessory is a Tarriss luggage scale. Just wrap the strap around your luggage handle, lift the bag with the scale, and find out whether you need to downsize or redistribute items before you get to the airport.

Cable Luggage Locks

Protect your luggage with these Lumintrail TSA approved cable luggage locks, one to lock your suitcase zippers together and a bonus four-foot steel cable to secure your luggage and prevent a thief from stealing the entire bag.

Bag Bungee

For those who need to transport two bags through the airport, this Travelon bag bungee is for you. Use it to securely strap your second suitcase or shoulder bag to your first suitcase so they can move through the airport as one. 

Trtl Pillow

If you have trouble sleeping on flights, give this pillow a try. Smaller than your typical travel pillow, the Trtle pillow is also more fashionable. When wrapped around your neck, it looks like a padded scarf and holds your neck a more ergonomic position than the U-shape most commonly used by travel pillows. 

Pocket Blanket

If you like to explore the outdoors, whether it’s beaches or parks, then this Matador pocket-sized travel blanket is the perfect travel accessory. When unfolded the waterproof blanket is a large 63″x44″, and when you’re ready to go, it fits into its integrated storage pouch for simple storage.

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